PhD Thesis (2013-2017) - The Effects of SiC & TiC along additives on sintering, microstructure and properties of Ultra high temperature of ZrB2 ceramics

In this research, the effects of SiC, TiC and Carbon additive on the sintering behavior, microstructure and properties of Ultra High Temperature of ZrB2 Ceramics was studied. The experimental results showed that the addition materials were found to enhance the sinterability of SHS produced ZrB2 powder. The densification increased to 98% of the theoretical density and the addition materials on the properties of the composites had a positive effect.


MSc Research (2006-2007) - Preparation and Morphology Study of Epoxy–Nanoclay Nanocomposites

In this research Epoxy–clay nanocomposites have been produced using silane modified montmorillonite. The obtained results showed that interlayer spacing increases with increasing the amount of silane modifier. The interlayer spacing of clay in the nanocomposites increases and the 001 peak of the montmorillonite was shifted to smaller 2theta and in many cases disappeared. The XRD and TEM results demonstrate that the layers of clay were partially exfoliated.